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A brief history of the strangest emoji

Emoji is the world’s fastest growing language, and like any other, it’s not without its quirks. Meet “man in business suit levitating” 🕴, a real emoji (Unicode code point U+1F574) with a fascinating music and tech history. Here’s an infographic I made to share the story: Hat tip to the excellent Newsweek article and The […]

Installing an FTP server on the Pogoplug

…and syncing photos with PhotoSync. I’ve used the excellent PhotoSync app on my iPhone and iPad to backup photos to my iMac. This works well, but requires me powering the iMac on to run the sync. As my Pogoplug is always on, and has a bunch of storage connected to it, I thought it would […]

Acceptance testing iOS apps

I recently had to develop a update for an iOS app. I’ve become accustomed to the excellent continuous build & integration environment we make use in our workplace for our (primarily Ruby-based) projects. This led me to investigate tools that I could use to develop an update to the iOS app in a similar way. […] – an experiment with Node.js, & Heroku

I started the Easter Break with an idea for a website: a real-time Twitter stream of people trying (and failing) to spell the word ‘definitely’. Let’s cut to the chase, here’s what I ended up building: Sounds like a pretty dumb project idea, I know, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to work […]

Adding Torrents via

If you have setup Transmission on your Pogoplug using my previous post, then this post will allow you to remotely (via add new torrent files and start them downloading to your home server. Why? I’ve been looking for a secure way to add Torrents to my Transmission server running on my Pogoplug, from a remote […]

Facebook Hackathon Lights

Facebook Hackathon!

I was lucky enough to attend the Facebook Hackathon developer conference today at RichMix in Central London. It was a day of technical presentations, all mobile development (and Facebook!) related. Most demos pushed the new functionality of Open Graph, a protocol that allows developers to connect their webpages with Facebook, and in particular, a Facebook […]