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Cracking the Adventure Time Cipher

I recently read “Adventure Time: Volume 1”, a comic book based on the smart animated series of the same name. In the comic, I found some odd looking messages at the bottom of two pages, which turned out to be encrypted text. Here’s how, with a fair few hours of my life and the help of some Ruby scripts, I cracked The […]


Megabite is a mobile app that automatically turns a photo of your food into a face. Let’s face it, food is more fun when it looks happy. I was playing with my food one lunchtime, and I wondered to myself – would it be possible to automate this process? Solving the big problems right here. This was a […]


Screentendo is a desktop application that allows you to turn a selection of your screen into a playable level of Super Mario Bros. I’ve never built a Cocoa app or used Sprite Kit before, so it was a great excuse to play with both technologies. You can get the (very hacky) source code here. How does it […]

Robot-Sara – a recommendations robot

WOWHack is an annual, 2-day music hack event which precedes Way Out West festival, and this year Spotify kindly put us up in their Gothenburg office for the event. 67 developers organised themselves into 25 teams, and spent 2 days building cool music-related hacks. My hack was called “Robot-Sara”, and this is a pretty accurate description of […]


I spent the weekend at Music Hackday London, a 24-hour event where a bunch of developers, designers and artists get together to build cool music-related hacks. I spent my time building a hipster robotic arm that stops you listening to any music it deems “too mainstream”, here’s what it looks like: and my demo for […]

Playing with the Pogoplug’s LED

The Pogoplug has a LED on the front of the device, which the stock Pogoplug software uses to signify it’s connection status to the Pogoplug service. This post details how to control the colour of the LED! A reader of this blog, Rick D, left a comment on one of my blog posts a few […]