Playing with the Pogoplug’s LED

The Pogoplug has a LED on the front of the device, which the stock Pogoplug software uses to signify it’s connection status to the Pogoplug service. This post details how to control the colour of the LED! A reader of this blog, Rick D, left a comment on one of my blog posts a few […]

Installing an FTP server on the Pogoplug

…and syncing photos with PhotoSync. I’ve used the excellent PhotoSync app on my iPhone and iPad to backup photos to my iMac. This works well, but requires me powering the iMac on to run the sync. As my Pogoplug is always on, and has a bunch of storage connected to it, I thought it would […]

Acceptance testing iOS apps

I recently had to develop a update for an iOS app. I’ve become accustomed to the excellent continuous build & integration environment we make use in our workplace for our (primarily Ruby-based) projects. This led me to investigate tools that I could use to develop an update to the iOS app in a similar way. […]

Siri on the Raspberry Pi

I spent the weekend in Cannes at the MIDEM hack day. As well as some very strange/awesome experiences (which included seeing Psy do that dance first-hand), I spent 40-odd hours hacking away with a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to build Siri-like functionality into the Raspberry Pi, but specialising in the subject of music. Let’s cut […]

Customising v4 Pogoplugs

I’ve had many requests to support customising the newer (v4) Pogoplugs. Unfortunately I don’t own a v4 Pogoplug so could not create instructions for this device.  However, I have since worked through the issue (over email) with a v4 Pogoplug owner after they got in touch via my contact form. I’ve updated my original Pogoplug […]