Siri on the Raspberry Pi

I spent the weekend in Cannes at the MIDEM hack day. As well as some very strange/awesome experiences (which included seeing Psy do that dance first-hand), I spent 40-odd hours hacking away with a Raspberry Pi. I wanted to build Siri-like functionality into the Raspberry Pi, but specialising in the subject of music. Let’s cut […]

Customising v4 Pogoplugs

I’ve had many requests to support customising the newer (v4) Pogoplugs. Unfortunately I don’t own a v4 Pogoplug so could not create instructions for this device. ¬†However, I have since worked through the issue (over email) with a v4 Pogoplug owner after they got in touch via my contact form. I’ve updated my original Pogoplug […]

Adding Torrents via

If you have setup Transmission on your Pogoplug using my¬†previous post, then this post will allow you to remotely (via add new torrent files and start them downloading to your home server. Why? I’ve been looking for a secure way to add Torrents to my Transmission server running on my Pogoplug, from a remote […]

“Grouped” book review

I recently received a copy of “Grouped” by Paul Adams (the Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook), at a Facebook developer conference in London. Grouped proved to be a quick, interesting read with some fascinating insights into the complex social and psychological workings of social networks and the people contained within them. This book contains […]

New blog

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, now hosted alongside my personal website. Please note that my old blog posts (including all things Pogoplug-related) are still available over at Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I’ve already received a couple of Pogoplug-related questions since moving the blog – these topics will […]

Facebook Hackathon Lights

Facebook Hackathon!

I was lucky enough to attend the Facebook Hackathon developer conference today at RichMix in Central London. It was a day of technical presentations, all mobile development (and Facebook!) related. Most demos pushed the new functionality of Open Graph, a protocol that allows developers to connect their webpages with Facebook, and in particular, a Facebook […]