Customising v4 Pogoplugs

I’ve had many requests to support customising the newer (v4) Pogoplugs. Unfortunately I don’t own a v4 Pogoplug so could not create instructions for this device.  However, I have since worked through the issue (over email) with a v4 Pogoplug owner after they got in touch via my contact form. I’ve updated my original Pogoplug […]

Adding Torrents via

If you have setup Transmission on your Pogoplug using my previous post, then this post will allow you to remotely (via add new torrent files and start them downloading to your home server. Why? I’ve been looking for a secure way to add Torrents to my Transmission server running on my Pogoplug, from a remote […]

“Grouped” book review

I recently received a copy of “Grouped” by Paul Adams (the Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook), at a Facebook developer conference in London. Grouped proved to be a quick, interesting read with some fascinating insights into the complex social and psychological workings of social networks and the people contained within them. This book contains […]

New blog

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, now hosted alongside my personal website. Please note that my old blog posts (including all things Pogoplug-related) are still available over at Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I’ve already received a couple of Pogoplug-related questions since moving the blog – these topics will […]

Facebook Hackathon Lights

Facebook Hackathon!

I was lucky enough to attend the Facebook Hackathon developer conference today at RichMix in Central London. It was a day of technical presentations, all mobile development (and Facebook!) related. Most demos pushed the new functionality of Open Graph, a protocol that allows developers to connect their webpages with Facebook, and in particular, a Facebook […]

Installing Samba on the Pogoplug

The Pogoplug can be turned into a dedicated Samba server by following the steps below. 1. PREREQUISITES As a prerequisite of this article, please complete the steps described in my previous post here in order to prepare your Pogoplug so you can install packages using the IPKG package management system. 2. INSTALLING THE SAMBA PACKAGE To install the Samba […]