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Facebook Hackathon Lights

Facebook Hackathon!

I was lucky enough to attend the Facebook Hackathon developer conference today at RichMix in Central London. It was a day of technical presentations, all mobile development (and Facebook!) related. Most demos pushed the new functionality of Open Graph, a protocol that allows developers to connect their webpages with Facebook, and in particular, a Facebook […]

Installing a BitTorrent client on the Pogoplug

The Pogoplug can be turned into a dedicated BitTorrent client by following the steps below. 1. PREREQUISITES As a prerequisite of this article, please complete the steps described in my previous post here in order to prepare your Pogoplug so you can install packages using the IPKG package management system. 2. INSTALLING THE BITTORRENT PACKAGE […]

Make your site compatible with IE6

IE6 isn’t very well loved anymore, even Microsoft are apologising for it. Microsoft are however, attempting to move people away from IE6, using the statement “Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6“. This may be so, but unfortunately at this point in time (April 2011) IE6 still counts for roughly 12% of the worlds […]