A Personal Growth Framework

This is a brief summary of my QCon conference talk on professional development. If you’re here because of that talk, and want to jump straight into the action, you can find the Personal Growth Framework PDF here.

What are you focussing on right now to progress in your career? Ultimately you own your professional development, and you have the ability to make a plan to grow and develop in your role. I want to introduce a Personal Growth Framework – a simple, one-page template you can use to identify areas to grow that are exciting and valuable for your career. It’s time to set some goals and invest in yourself!

…it really is; it feels good and it’s rewarding! And the reality for those of us who work in technology is that our industry is constantly moving, and we need to invest in our skills to stay up to date. So let me ask you a question…

Maybe you’re reading a book, learning a new language, mentoring or coaching another developer in your team? Or maybe you don’t have an answer to that question (and that’s OK too!). I know for me, the answer has sometimes been pretty hazy. But ultimately…

And inspired by Growth Frameworks (like the one we’ve introduced at Songkick), I think there’s a simple way for anyone to take control of their careers, and set meaningful goals in order to grow.

I call it a Personal Growth Framework, and it’s a single page template, consisting of 5 steps for you to fill in in order to set some meaningful goals. And I think you’ll only need to set aside an hour to complete it. This is what it looks like (you can download a PDF version here):

Download the Personal Growth Framework PDF and take this for a spin!

A Personal Growth Framework is just one way to grow, and it’s important to find a process that works for you. If this framework isn’t for you, that’s fine (I won’t be offended, promise!), but do find that thing that does work for you (because any investment is better than none). Remember, when it comes to setting goals and making a plan for your career…

If you want to find out more, you can see my slides from QCon here. I’d love to hear from you if you have questions/comments/feedback, so drop me a note 🙂