Siri on the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

I spent the weekend in Cannes at the MIDEM hack day. As well as some very strange/awesome experiences (which included seeing Psy do that dance first-hand), I spent 40-odd hours hacking away with a Raspberry Pi.

I wanted to build Siri-like functionality into the Raspberry Pi, but specialising in the subject of music. Let’s cut to the chase, click here to see a demo of what I ended up building (or skip to 15 mins into the video below). I’ve called it Miri (music + Siri, geddit?).

Here’s my little sales pitch for Miri, in case you decide you want to check out the code and install it on your Raspberry Pi:

Miri is a Raspberry Pi-based personal assistant, controlled by voice, that specialises in answering music-related questions, e.g.

“Tell me about The Rolling Stones”
“Play The Knife”
“What is my next concert?”
“When did The Beatles break up?”
“What frequencies can a violin sound?”

The code is available on GitHub (including some rough installation instructions):